"I grew up on the beaches of Ocean City, New Jersey and have vivid memories of playing on the beach, pretending the jetties were ships and I was the captain. I was always fascinated by light and the bright colors of beach towels, umbrellas and chairs mingled with sand and surf. Those colorful memories continue to show up in my paintings even when I paint gardens, beds, boats, or landscapes.. Often people tell me they would like to be in my paintings because of the feelings they evoke.

A good painting begins with a good composition; then comes contrast and color.  I look to modern painters such as Richard Diebenkorn and Wolf Kahn to inspire my quest for wonderful color.  I am constantly experimenting, manipulating, and playing with color.  I want the viewer to feel that the painting is luscious; that he or she would like to walk into the painting and live there surrounded by color.

By working in a series, I am able to attempt different ways of approaching the same subject.  So ultimately, though the subject of my paintings may change, it's always about the color."

~~Wanda Kline